One-Stop-Shop Supporting Rotor Wing & Aircraft
extra-flexible human-to-human service for Mi-helicopters and IL-76 operators

Overhaul, Repair & Maintenance

Turnkey solutions for Mi-17/Mi-171 operators & MROs
60 helicopter overhauls annually, plus standalone spares

Aviatech is an international
team of experts providing
fast, extra-flexible human
to human approach as a
one-stop-shop service for
Mi-type helicopter and IL-76
airplane operators.

We develop and execute
sustainable programs in
components sourcing,
maintenance & overhauls,
staffing, and management,
thus maintaining fleet
airworthiness at the
highest standards

Average completion - 57 days per helicopter
  • Aircraft overhaul on-site or at MRO
  • Capabilities extension
  • Components repair and overhaul
  • Aircraft sales: new, overhauled & airworthy
  • Fleet maintenance - line and base maintenance services or maintenance supervision
  • Quality management systems (QMS): evaluation, validation, revision and update
  • Fleet assessment, on-site fault detection and inspection
  • Staffing: engineers, technicians, pilots, management
  • Upgrades and engineering: communications, avionics, operation (SAR, NVG, troops)
  • Operational documentation: flight and operational manuals, service bulletins
  • Spare parts, consumables, lubricants, ground
    support equipment
  • Training courses: on-site or external. Internship
  • Calibration: systems and tools
In exclusive partnership for international projects
On-site overhaul services
Complete inhouse capability, excluding Engines, APU, MGB
The largest Mi-17/Mi-171 MRO
Top 3 reasons to choose Aviatech
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Industry's leading experts
We have gathered many of industry's brightest minds to form a strong team, that has proven to be at the top of efficiency irregardless of location or difficulty of the work to be done.
25+ Years Of Experience
Our portfolio includes successfully finished projects of varied difficulty. All these years we have been working hard to become what we are today.
Flexible Individual Approach
Flexibility is our one of the core values when it comes to servicing our clients. We acknowledge the importance of not only being on time, but being on time while maintaining the highest standards.
Aviatech International Presence
cell: +971 50 517 6607

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