From the Harsh Arctic to the Caspian Sea: Aviatech Inflatable Hangars Support Giant Gazprom and TCO Infrastructure Projects

Hundred of hard-working teams work to help you start your engine or turn on your stove each day. From the comfort of your car or home, it’s difficult to imagine what it takes for technicians to get to an oil rig or drill to get to that gas and distribute it to the pipeline. Natural resources are not always served on a platter. It takes strong professional dedication to reach out to geographically challenging areas, where harsh climate and risky terrain have the main word.

Aviatech mobile hangars are delivered with the relentless nature in mind as one of the key priorities. Relocatable hangars made by Aviatech have been erected in different regions including the deep frost of the uncompromising Siberian extremes, as well as at one of the world’s most cherished oil resources, the Tengiz oil fields at the Caspian Sea. We lent a hand to Mammoet and Sarens, keeping their people and heavy equipment safe, secure and durable. We helped TengizChevrOil and Gazprom partners to stay flexible, and have an opportunity tp relocate with ease during operation development. Our team shook hands with Mammoet in Gazprom project twice – pleased with the efficiency of our mobile hangars from the initial shipment, they came back for round two.

Hangar space was efficiently made use of by Mammoet’s vehicles

How did Yamal Megaproject and TengizChevroil Future Growth Project turn out to be winners for all parties on board? Here are their success stories made possible with Aviatech mobile hangars for remote workshops.

Supporting Yamal Megaproject, Gazprom at -30°C

Deep in the Siberian region, where Gazprom and partners put over $25 billion dollars into developing one of the largest Russian gas centers, Aviatech supported the capabilities of the gas giant’s partners that work on the Yamal Peninsula. Gazprom’s aim is to take out and transport 360 billion cubic meters of gas per year to Russian businesses and households. In the undertaking where contractors work in severe climate, with temperatures dropping down to extremes such as -30°C, Aviatech’s inflatable structures kept the people warm and the heavy machinery safe under a robust wind-resistant shelter.

Mammoet uses the hangars to store all kinds of equipment

Supplying to Mammoet in Extreme Weather

Stories about the Siberian piercing cold are not just an urban legend, they are based on reality. Aviatech supplying to Mammoet was made in two turns. Motivated by experience adopted from working in Yamal’s eternal winter conditions, the contractor Mammoet took the careful approach. It set its first remote workshop in an Aviatech mobile hangar.

Remote Workshops for Safeguarding SMPTs

The first delivery included only one of the modular structures. Mammoet mechanics erected the 1,000 sqm inflatable facility to help the renowned company store its SMPTs (Self-Propelled Modular Transporters) and conduct immediate repairs.

Anyone working in the heavy haulage industry knows the toil it can take for teams to maneuver these bulky axles; not to mention the integrated electronics. Working with the support of inflatable hangars above their head, it took the customer only two month to verify that the solution is built to last. For the next round, they went for two more hangars, again located in the same area with standard temperatures as low as in the range from -15°C to -20°C.

Storing oil rig equipment in the Tengiz region with Aviatech inflatable hangars

Developing for a Long-term Partnership

These are not the severe chills of moderate climates. This is a region of constant frostbite. Even a short stay outside can impact the quality of the modular trailers in the long haul. Mammoet was so pleased with the results from Aviatech mobile hangars, they decided to bring them into the next project as a regular piece of their equipment.

Exploring World’s Largest Oil Well: TengizChevrOil (TCO) Future Growth Project

The Future Growth Project (FGP) is a major league endeavor run by TengizChevrOil in the Caspian Sea region, in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Established as an area with rich oil reserves, the Tengiz region carries an immense potential. It is attractive for more than a couple of large names in the oil industry, including Chevron and Fluor. The project is still in development, and therefore a high-risk area.

Big trucks maneuvered the heavy vehicles into and out of the inflatable hangars

Minimal Manpower to Erect the Mobile Hangars

Best service contractors on the market work on the expansion of the Future Growth Project, which is estimated to be worth $36 billion dollars in investments. Where oil columns measure 1 mile or 1.6 km across the oil field, Aviatech provided 5 inflatable hangars in record time.

Taking the role of Sarens supplier, Aviatech was prepared to act super-fast. Not only it was ready to finalize the full project ahead of time, but it also managed erect facilities with minimal manpower. Thanks to the modular structures of the pneumatic hangars, we were able to help Sarens get a number of various hangar sizes to store valuable equipment and complete maintenance.

Sarens worker’s installing their high-tech machinery at the TCO project

Serving TengizChevrOil Mobility

Oil field exploration often takes a longer time to develop. Equipment and vehicles need to move around the area and mobilize according to the findings. This was one of Sarens critical requirements. Under such high-pressure conditions, the remote workshops must not be static or burdened with complex base fasteners. Using inventive sandbag grounding, Aviatech mobile hangars provide remote workshop within days.

TengizChevrOil is served by Sarens on several locations – Prorva, Tengiz and Atyrau. Different parts of the FGP along the Cargo Transportation Route (CaTRo) that connects the Northeastern Caspian region to the Tengiz region. Mobility is a prerequisite, and Aviatech is happy to meet customer requirements by manufacturing highly mobile structures that are easy to assemble, disassemble and travel to the next destination.

Aviatech hangars provide cover in rain, snow and wind, which makes them ideal for unstable weather that accompanies the Caspian region.

The first inflatable hangar of the TCO project was set-up a week ago

Delivery 2 Months Ahead of Schedule

Since Sarens placed its order specifics, it took about a month to produce, ship and erect the first hangar. The rest four hangars in the series were all delivered within 47 days. In just a bit over six weeks, the inflatable hangars were prepared with full air-conditioning and heating equipment.

Although the Caspian region is not Siberia, temperatures are merciless. Hangars were erected during the winter season at -15℃. The erection process was so simple that it took only 8 people to set in place a 700 sqm relocatable hangar.

Even for largest infrastructure projects, such as the one for the TengizChevrOil Future Growth Project, Aviatech proved again to be a reliable partner, and it did so by accomplishing the deliveries 2 months ahead of the initial schedule.

The first inflatable hangar of the TCO project was set-up a week agoPetrochemicals, and oil, in particular, are competitive industries. They need to adapt to the changing conditions fast. Challenges come not only from the market, but also from geography and reshaping partnerships, corporations and technologies. When so many families and businesses depend on energy for basic living needs, oil and gas suppliers are not allowed to make mistakes. Normalizing ruined processes and re-establishing trust with suppliers can be costly. All project management phases must be completed carefully. All partners need to have fast response times.

Aviatech is pleased to establish a strong starting base with suppliers for the Gazprom’s Yamal Megaproject and the TCO Future Growth Project participants.

There is nothing like happy customers who come back for more to verify that Aviatech inflatable hangars provide maximum benefits under the strain of snow, ice and, in no time. By saving time with the prompt delivery of products and services, we leave our clients more time for critical business operations. The specific sandbag bases of Aviatech inflatable hangars are a factor in mobility. With the modular inflatable structures, you will be able to provide cost-effective services at the very least, and work in a pleasant environment, as well as get a safe and sound sleep.

Following the prosperity stories with Gazprom and TengizChevrOil, we are focused on giving more to improve client’s essential requirements and expand their operations, in turn, growing their business capabilities and profits.

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